Agreements – Contract Law

Contract Law is the most significant aspect of the Law to consider, when thinking to engage into any business dealings.

The terms of an Agreement, whether express or implied, may have a serious impact on the contracting Parties. Therefore, an Agreement should carefully specify the relationship of the Parties, the object of the Agreement, the obligations and rights of the Parties, what conditions apply, what happens when there is a breach of the terms of the Agreement and what remedies apply in case the obligations are not fulfilled.

In fact, the list of what should be included or contained in an Agreement is non-exhaustive and the matters to consider are unique in each instance, depending on the intentions and promises made between the Parties. 

If your main goal is to achieve the best possible return of your investment from company vendors and suppliers or if you want to make sure that your legitimate interests are not overlooked, then Contracts are your vital tool.

The applicable Contact Law in Cyprus is known as CAP.149 of the Law which provides for the enforcement of the Agreements, what contracts are considered to be void or voidable, performance of contracts,  the consequences of breach of contract  etc.

Our services include but are not limited, to the following:

– Shareholders Agreements

– Joint venture Agreements

– Sale & Purchase Agreements

– Employment Agreements

– Cooperation Agreements

– Construction Agreements etc.

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