Areas of Practise

Family Law – Family Disputes
The area of family law that provides for family disputes and family related matters can often be challenging and hard especially on children.  We focus on giving clear guidance and advice to our valued customers in all family law matters, such as guardianship, custody...
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Corporate and Commercial
With experience and due care, we provide clear guidance to our customers in all business transactions, from formation of Cyprus companies, commercial agreements and negotiations, Corporate and Tax Consultation, to shareholder agreements and cross-border projects...
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Immigration Law
A. Dimitriou & Associates LLC has a success proven record of dealing with working permits, citizenship applications, permanent residence permits, visitor permits and visas. Our personalised approach to our customers’ needs is what makes us to exemplify in immigration related matters by turning...
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Banking and Finance
The need to comply to demanding and complex requirements in the financial industry is in no doubt increasing to even more and more strict requirements both on national and international levels.  
A. Dimitriou & Associates LLC, acquires strong practice in...
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Information Technology – GDPR
GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation  (Regulation (EU) 2016/679)(GDPR) which replaces the previous Data Protection Directives by introducing new standards and principles in regards to the protection for the processing of personal data...
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Litigation and Dispute Resolution
We focus on giving clear guidance and advise to our customers, however complex your case or affairs might appear.
A. Dimitriou Associates offers both consultation and litigation support. Our litigation services cover a wide spectrum ...
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Real Estate & Immovable Property
If you are looking to buy or sell a real estate property and/or an immovable property in Cyprus, then there are essential matters you should consider before deciding to conclude to an agreement for the sale or purchase of any such property. In A. Dimitriou & Associates LLC...
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Wills, Probate and Succession Law – Estate Planning
The administration of the estate of a deceased, whether by will or on intestacy (i.e. in the absence of Will) , and the execution of wills and administration of estates are dealt with under Cyprus Law by the Wills and Succession Law, Cap. 195...
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Agreements – Contract Law
Contract Law is the most significant aspect of the Law to consider, when thinking to engage into any business dealings.
The terms of an Agreement, whether express or implied, may have a serious impact on the contracting Parties. Therefore, an Agreement....
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As a dynamic Law Firm we strongly believe that the evolution of electronic commerce has redefined the digital market drastically. The increased take up of eCommerce has turned online sales into a trend and a necessitate tool for consumers worldwide. ....
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Personal Injury – Negligence
Personal Injury is an injury or illness which occurs as a result of the actions or negligence of someone else (e.g. accident). A personal injury can be physical or psychological in origin. Negligence is the term used to describe blame following an accident....
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