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Welcome to A. Dimitriou & Associates LLC!

A Boutique Law Firm
Dedicated to its Customers

A. Dimitriou & Associates LLC is a boutique Law Firm, located at the heart of the district of Paphos, Cyprus. The founder and Managing Director of the Firm, is Antri Dimitriou. Antri Dimitriou studied Law in the UK where she obtained her Bachelor of Laws with Hons and her Master of Laws in Commercial Law. Over the years of her experience, she exemplified for her proven track record in her areas of expertise and her detailed knowledge. Her dynamic approach to complicated cases, her passion and her devotion to customers, along with her professionalism and the ongoing support to customers, called her to found A. Dimitriou & Associates LLC.

Our vision is founded upon treating our customers on a highly personalized level with due care and resourcefulness. Our customers can be confident that we operate on a strict code of professionalism within budget and on time. We are innovative and effective and our main goal is to create solutions to your legal problems. We are proud to provide our clients with the highest standards by offering a value for money service within strict deadlines and under pressure.

- Experience: We are experts in our fields of services. We understand your needs and we are always willing to guide you through procedures that are deemed to be lengthy and complicated. You can rest assure that you can rely on us for our continuous support and for the protection of your rights and interests.

- Resourcefulness: With discretion and efficiency we will accomplish your goals. We are original, competent and productive.

- Observation and Awareness: We are well aware of the changing nature of the legal services market. We combine information with access to continuous research in the legal evolving environment for the solving of difficult industry-specific problems.

- Evolution: We take challenges into advantages; we adapt and apply experience.